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PostSubject: Subscribing   Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:44 pm

By subscribing you are buying yourself extra benefits in-game.

The games you obtain benefits within are as followed below.

Naruto: Sasukes Revenge
Benefits : Name Change; Icon Change; Font Text Change; Font Color Change.

Dragon Ball Z: The Final Battle
Benefits : Name Change; Icon Change; Font Text Change; Font Color Change; Monthly Bonus(Item or in-game Cash).

Games You Named
Benefits : Name Change; Font Text Change; Font Color Change; Stat Boost Monthly; x2 Stat Points; x2 Skill Points; x3 Medal Points; x2 EXP Gain.


If all you see above is a bunch of letters and numbers and no "Subscribe" button then follow the instructions below.

#1 . Go to http://godzgames.forumotion.com/profile.forum?mode=editprofile&page_profil=preferences

#2 . Scroll down and find Allways Allow HTML

#3 . Check "yes"

#4 . Return back to this page and check if you see a button.

If you are still experiencing problems contact an Admin or me.
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